National Railway Museum in York, has 250 locomotives on display representing 300 years of history. These include royal trains from Queen Victoria’s reign, the Mallard, a replica of Stephenson’s Rocket and the Japanese ‘Bullet’ train. As the founder of the railways, George Stephenson was born a few miles from Newcastle itself. He was illiterate until 18. From humble beginnings as a fireman and engineman working in the colliery,his rise to fame is an inspiration to all generations. Entry to the museum is free with a request for a donation.

George Stephenson, founder of the railways

George Stephenson, founder of the railways



Stephenson’s Rocket



Royal Trains from Queen Victoria's reign

Royal Train Collection



Shenhansen Japanese Bullet Train


Eurostar, National Railway Museum

Euro Star, the first train through the Channel Tunnel


Chinese Train, National Railway Museum York

Chinese Train