The capital of Scotland and is only 1.30hrs from Newcastle by train, with stunning views of the coastline.With unique Scottish architecture, fine shops and restaurants as well as the home of the Edinburgh Festival,it is a perfect introduction to this amazing country.

Edinburgh Old Town

Edinburgh from Camera Obscura

Edinburgh from Camera Obscura

Fine views across the city can be seen from
the Camera Obscura situated nearĀ  the castle
at the top of the Royal Mile. A world of magic
and illusion await you here. See Edinburgh
through a pin-hole camera of the whole city.




Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle from Princes Street Gardens below

Edinburgh Castle

Rebuilt towards the end of the 16th century
Edinburgh Castle represents the turbulent
history of both Scottish Kings and Queens,
as well as the English monarchy.
Each day a cannon is fired at 13.00.




Edinburgh Tours

Take an open-topped bus around the city,

Sightseeing Tours of Edinburgh

Sightseeing Tours of Edinburgh

taking in all the beauty and charm of Edinburgh.
Visit Holyrood House and Abbey, Royal
Yacht Brittania, or a hike to Arthur’s Seat, and
shopping in Princes Street.There’s plenty to see
and do in this beautiful city.




St.Giles Cathedral


St. Giles Cathedral with Firth of Forth in the distance

Across the roof tops of the Old Town with
St.Giles Cathedral dominating the skyline.
The Firth of Forth, the gateway to the North
Sea can be seen in the background.




Scottish Piper and Bagpipes

Scottish Piper with bagpipes Royal Mile

Playing the bagpipes in the Royal Mile

Music is an important part of Scottish culture
and tradition.Here a piper accompanies the
people strolling up the Royal Mile.