Newcastle is surrounded by stunning countryside,
easily accessible by a good public transport link
of buses and trains -and only a few miles from
the city centre.


Beamish, Rural Museum in County Durham

Beamish North of England Rural Museum

Set in stunning countryside, is the North of England
Open Air Museum, Beamish. Rural and urban
life has been preserved to show life as it truly
was in the 19th and early 20th century. All the
villages and streets have been  transported from
the original settings from the surrounding area.



Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens, Regency Architecture Northumberland

Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

A Regency style house, with a medieval ruined
castle.The gardens include a quarry from where
the stone was hewn to build the hall in the early
part of the 19th Century.




Northumberland County Show

Shire Horse Championship, Northumberland County Show

Typical of many agricultural shows, held across
Britain during the summer months. An opportunity
to see rural life as it is today with horse events,
sheep trials, craft and food produce.




George Stephenson

George Stephenson

Follow the banks of the Tyne upriver either
on foot or train and you arrive in Wylam, a
picturesque village about 7 miles away. You will
discover a footpath known as a waggonway,
which leads to the cottage where George
Stephenson, father of the railways was born
and grew up.



Tanfield Railway

Tanfield Railway Steam Locomotives

Tanfield Railway, County Durham

You will find the world’s oldest railway at Tanfield,
a short ride from Newcastle. Here you can enjoy a
pleasant ride on a steam train which takes you
through a beautiful gorge to the world’s
oldest railway bridge Causey Arch.





Cragside, Northumberland

Situated on the edge of the  Cheviot Hills,
Cragsidewas  the home of Lord William Armstrong
who pioneered hydro-electricity. It was the first
home in the world to be lit with the incandescent
light bulb. Many other inventions are attributed
to Lord Armstrong including hydraulic machines
for lifting and the Armstrong Breech-loading field
gun. Surrounded by rocky gardens, forests, moorland
and lakes, this is an impressive place to experience
the wild Northumberland countryside.



Hadrian’s Wall

Roman Town near Corbridge

Cori Roman Town

runs across the border between England and Scotland.
It starts in Wallsend Segedunum near the estuary
of the River Tyne with ruined sections spanning
Newcastle itself. There is a milecastle and temple
remains near the house in the west of the city. The
main section starts on the Military Road a few miles
further west with Houstead, Chester Fort, along with
the Roman town of Corbridge being the Roman
settlement areas.The wall spans the country to the
Solway Firth in the Irish Sea on the west coast.



Alnwick Castle and Gardens

Alnwick Castle, Duke of Northumberland's family seat

Alnwick Castle, Northumberland

Alnwick Castle and Gardens is the home of the Duke
Duchess of Northumberland. Their home is steeped in
700 years of history. It also features in several Harry
Potter films and Downton Abbey.The contemporary
garden with ornamental fountains and a huge tree
house make this a memorable day out.