Improve your English whilst enjoying a holiday in the most northern city in England!

 Your English Tuition Holiday


Enjoy learning  English on holiday  with your English teacher and host. Come alone or bring a family       member or friend (maximum 4 persons). One to one lessons/or with your partner and  with  your teacher, (occasionally my ginger cat).  Improve your basic English or achieve the exam success that you need to further your career. The English lessons are flexible and designed to meet your needs, interests and ability.The focus will be on YOU! A chance to enjoy a holiday whilst really understanding and using the English language.
I have been teaching English as a second language  for over 15 years. I have a CELTA certificate from the University of Cambridge awarded through International House here in Newcastle. The level of English teaching ranges from elementary to academic level for university degrees, registration for professional boards and business English. I specialise in IELTS and  BEC as well as teaching basic English for general interest. My students have benefited from having one to one lessons, learning in a way that suits them as individuals. They have come from many countries including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, U.A.E., Libya, Romania, China and Georgia. Newcastle Airport  is a 15 minute drive, and the main East Coast railway line links Newcastle with York, London and Edinburgh. The accommodation is situated in a quiet residential street, with local shops  and restaurants  nearby.

Newcastle upon Tyne

Newcastle upon Tyne is the most northern city in England, standing on the banks of the River Tyne.The population is approx. 270,000 which increases with a large number of students who arrive here each year to attend some of the most prestigious universities in the country. The climate is significantly milder than some other locations in the world at a similar latitude, due to the warming influence of the Gulf Stream (via the North Atlantic Drift). Being in the rain shadow of the North Pennines, it is amongst the driest cities in the UK.

   In England we always talk about the weather!

The city centre has many fine streets of Georgian architecture, including Grey Street, overlooked by The Monument of Lord Grey, of Earl Grey tea fame, as well as a great reformer and Prime Minister of the country. A stroll downhill will take you to the quayside where the Tyne Bridge commands an impressive view of the city.The Swing Bridge below and the Millennium Bridge further down river are all accessible on foot. Upstream lie the High Level Bridge, Metro Bridge, Railway Bridge, and the Redreugh Bridge. As the birthplace of George Stephenson further upriver at Wylam, his equally famous son Robert Stephenson contributed to the industrial wealth and scientific knowledge that was created with the birth of the railways. Each Sunday, the quayside hosts an open market where local food and traditional crafts are sold. A river trip will take visitors past former areas of Wallsend and Jarrow where hundreds of naval ships were built during the 19th and 20th centuries. The beginning of the Roman Wall starts in Wallsend where archaeological remains of a Roman Bath House as well as the wall can be seen. The area of North Shields and South Shields flanks the estuary of the river before finally reaching the North Sea at Tynemouth. Each weekend an undercover market is held in the Victorian Metro Station. Tynemouth Priory stands on a promontory overlooking the ruined castle and the harbour at the end of the main street.

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